Moving VS. Non-Moving Tickets


Missouri drivers understand that if they are stopped by law enforcement and issued a ticket or citation there are consequences in the form of fines and court costs. Many drivers also understand that if they pay these tickets they could also accumulate points on their driving record. These points can drastically raise your insurance rates. To prevent this from happening most people hire a lawyer to keep the points from being assessed on their license. But did you know that many tickets do not require a lawyer?


When a person receives a moving violation in the State of Missouri they should hire a lawyer to represent them and prevent points from accumulating. But there are many tickets that are not moving violations and can simply be paid- many times by mail and without a court appearance. Non-moving violations don’t carry the penalty of points and have no effect on driving records or insurance rates. These tickets can be paid without a lawyer and many times without having to go to court. When you hire our law firm we do not charge you for taking care of these tickets if they accompany a moving violation for which you have hired us. For non-moving violations we simply collect the fine and court cost from you and pay the court saving you a trip.

The top 8 tickets in Missouri that do not require a lawyer:


  • Expired Tags

  • Illegal Parking

  • Failure to Register

  • Failure to Wear Seatbelt

  • Littering

  • Defective Muffler

  • Failure/Improper Display of Plates

  • Illegal Window Tint


Examples of moving violations that carry points and raise your insurance rates unless you hire a lawyer:


  • Speeding

  • Failure to Maintain Insurance

  • Driving While Suspended

  • Failure to Stop at Stop Sign

  • Illegal Turns/Red Light

  • Careless Driving 

A more exhaustive list of moving violations that carry the assessment of points on your driving record can be found at


If you have received a citation (whether you believe yourself to be guilty or innocent) you should consult a lawyer to keep these points from raising your insurance rates.