Missouri Driver License Points and YOU


Driving is a privilege, not a right. Thus, it is possible to lose this privilege if you fail to obey traffic laws. When you are CONVICTED of a moving violation the Missouri Department of Revenue assesses points to your driving record. These points have consequences that affect your driving privileges and wallet. Some driving offenses such as DUI or driving while suspended can lead to revocation and possible jail time.



How the Point System Works


The Missouri Department of Revenue points system is confusing to most people- including some attorneys. If you have too many points in Missouri your license could be suspended or revoked. The number of points you receive depends on the conviction. For example, you may receive 2-3 points if you are convicted of speeding, depending on city or state violations. A first time DUI can lead to an 8 point assessment and a driving while suspended conviction can lead to a 12 point assessment. After 8 points within an 18 month period your license will be suspended.  12 points in 12 months leads to a one year revocation.


*Note: The points assessed from a DUI conviction are completely separate from the administrative suspension or revocation that may occur as a result of your arrest. If you are arrested for DUI it is very important to contact an attorney as soon as possible as the resulting drivers license actions have very strict time requirements for appeal.

How to Keep Points Off Your License


Traffic violations can come back to haunt you if not handled properly. Simply paying the ticket is quite convenient and perhaps cheaper at the time, but can often come back in the form of higher insurance rates and potential loss of driving privileges. By hiring an attorney you can often avoid the assessment of points upon your license while protecting your rights and even your wallet. Hiring an attorney can cost more up front but will often result in multitude of savings over the years in the form of lower insurance rates. In addition, you can protect your license from suspension or revocation by hiring an attorney.


The process is quite simple. Simply pick up the phone and call Wrabec Law, P.C. Let us know what type of violation you have and in what court you must appear. With most violations you won’t even have to appear in court- we go for you. Our firm will negotiate a “plea” agreement with the prosecutor on your violation. This agreement will often result in you pleading guilty to a lesser (non-moving) violation which will result in no points being assessed to your license. You will pay a slightly larger fine in exchange for this result in addition to a small attorney’s fee. However, the costs will be seen as savings in the long-term as you protect your driving record and protect yourself from potentially higher insurance rates. 

What if You Have Already Pled Guilty?


In certain situations Wrabec Law, P.C. can even fix a ticket to which you have already pled guilty and paid. Even if those points have appeared on your driving record, Wrabec Law, P.C. can clean that blemish off your driving record. By hiring an attorney to clean the points from your record you have the potential to realize savings in the form of reduced insurance rates.  


Call Wrabec Law., P.C. today about your violations. If your license is suspended or revoked we may be able to help fix the underlying situation and walk you through the process of reinstatement. 

Failure to Appear in Court for Traffic Violations (F.A.C.T.)


If you have a traffic violation and fail to appear, the court will notify you within 10 days that you missed your court date. You then have 30 days to pay your fine (which is a guilty plea with any resulting points assessed to your license). After 30 days from your failure to appear, the court will then notify the Missouri Drivers License Bureau and your license will be suspended immediately. In addition, you may have a warrant issued for your arrest. By hiring an attorney you can have the warrant set-aside and the matter handled responsibly while protecting your rights and your driving privilege. Wrabec Law, P.C. will amend your ticket as necessary and then help to get your driving privileges reinstated. 

Financial Consequences of Points


Depending upon your insurance policy and underwriter you can experience higher insurance rates due to the assessment of points on your driving record. Even one speeding ticket could result in higher rates lasting 3-5 years depending upon your insurance situation. Generally, most people will experience higher rates from pleading guilty to a ticket and paying the fine. This can be avoided by hiring an attorney.

The Consequences of Too Many Points
Violations and Point Assessment